Marxist Theory intouduce

Marxism is a scientific world outlook and methodology, it is a science that reflects the objective world, especially the essence and development law of human society, it is a doctrine on the proletariat and the theory of human liberation. Our school was awarded the secondary discipline of research on sinicized Marxism in 2006 and was awarded the discipline master degree of Marxism theory in 2011, of which basic principle of Marxism, research on sinicized Marxism, ideological and political education, basic problems of modern and contemporary Chinese history four secondary discipline enroll postgraduate students. The orientation of this discipline is to focus on the study of the basic principles of Marxism and the history of its formation and development, especially on the theory and practice of Marxism in China, meanwhile, applying the findings of Marxism to Marxist theoretical education, ideological and political education and ideological and political work, paying particular application to the application and the study of Marxism theory and the empirical study on a major problem in the development of socialist Chinese characteristics.


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