Philosophy of Science and Technology intouduce

Philosophy of science and technology is a secondary discipline of philosophy, it studies the basic law of science and technology development as a whole, and it is a comprehensive discipline integrating science and technology with philosophy, it also explores the relationship between science, technology and socio-economy based on reality. Our philosophy of science and technology was awarded a master degree in 2006. This study focuses on the related issues of science technology, social economy and human development from the perspectives of ecological philosophy and environmental philosophy, it focuses on the alienation of technology in nature and the problems and ecological crises which caused by it. Taking the Marxism, science and technology Philosophical ideology as a guide to study the interactive relationship between technology and society and its positive and negative effects in the context of ecological thought and sustainable development; to study the role of science and technology in the sustainable development of economy and the discipline between the relations. Philosophy of science and technology focus on training students to study the fundamental laws of science and technology development, explore the relationship between science, technology and social economy