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Causes Of Hair Loss


Causes Of Hair Loss


Effect of supan IZI

Poor nutrition intake is also influential as it can cause ingrown hair strands become thinner and fragile. For those of you who are or will be on a diet also please be careful because of an extreme diet can cause hair loss. For example, zinc and protein deficiency can cause hair loss.

Influence ormon

Male pattern baldness are mainly due to the effects of hormones. Hair follicles that are sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is suspected to be the cause of excessive hair loss in men. Increased hormone DHT makes hair grow thinner and shorter than usual. Baldness process will occur gradually because not all the follicles are affected at the same time.
Women who have entered menopause will usually experience hair loss due to hormonal changes.

cancer treatment

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy can cause a type of hair loss called anagen effluvium. Hair loss is impacting a whole, including the scalp, face, and body. However, this condition is not permanent and usually the hair can grow back after a few months of stopping undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer therapy.

Effects amping bat Medicine

Hair loss can also be caused by drugs. For example, drugs commonly used to treat arthritis, depression, heart problems, and high blood pressure.

psychological factors

In this type, the patient will experience thinning of scalp hair but it does not always go bald. This loss tends to be reduced without special medical treatment. The cause may be stress, depression, or severe physical stress (for example, after major surgery or are recovering from a severe infection).

Diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and Down syndrome

These conditions can cause a type of hair loss called alopecia areata which is marked with a bald spot the size of a large coin. This loss usually occurs in adolescents and young adults. But this problem will not be permanent so that hair can grow back.
There are some people with alopecia areata who have family members with the same conditions or with autoimmune diseases. Therefore, experts suspect there are certain genes that cause alopecia areata.

Effect of Other Diseases

Baldness is permanent because of damage to the hair follicles or the growth of the hair root is often caused by a medical condition that affects the skin. Several types of disease that can lead to permanent baldness is lichen planus , discoid lupus erythematosus , scleroderma, and folliculitis decalvans.

Causes of Severe Excessive Hair Loss In Women


1. The hair growth cycle that is not balanced

Hair growth is about 1 inch every month. Hair growth can vary, depending on a person's hormones. One of the causes of severe hair loss , namely the disruption caused by androgen hormones. As a result of the process of hair growth is not normal, then the hair may fall out in considerable amounts.
2. Pregnancy and childbirth
During pregnancy or after giving birth, many women whose hair loss. Even the loss that occurs in considerable amounts. After giving birth, about three months later it will be seen that their hair loss is severe enough. The cause of hair loss in women occurs naturally. Until a few months later, the hair will recover and will not fall again. Or if they fall out only in small amounts.
3. Hormonal disorders
As mentioned earlier, the disorder of androgen hormones can cause hair loss is severe enough. In addition to the androgen hormone disorders, disorders of the hormone estrogen is also one of the causes of severe hair loss. This occurs when your thyroid is working too active or even completely inactive. This is the cause of hair loss is severe enough.
4. Drugs
Other causes of hair loss that is severe enough for medication. Not all drugs can cause hair loss. Only a few can have side effects can cause hair loss. Hair loss will stop when the consumption of these drugs was also halted. Some medicines can cause hair loss among them are drugs that contain too much vitamin A, gout medication, blood thinners, antidepressants, contraceptives and chemotherapy drugs.
5. Infection
Infections of the scalp can make your hair fall out. To stop hair loss, you can use anti-fungal loss. Giving anti-fungal may stop your hair loss.
6. Disease
There are several diseases that can cause severe hair loss. The cause of excessive hair loss more are due to chronic disease. Among the lupus disease and also diabetes. Both of these diseases can make your hair fall out in large numbers.
7. Poor nutrition and vitamin
Many people who diet are quite strict. This resulted in the body malnourished and vitamins. This be bad also for the hair. The hair will fall out easily, even in large amounts. To stop surely you must meet nutritional needs and vitamin you.
8. Emotional Disorders
Emotional disturbance or stress is one of the causes of hair loss are quite often experienced. Someone who has an emotional disorder will feel depressed or stressed. This is the cause of severe hair loss.
Those are some causes of hair loss are quite severe. The loss of hair is experienced by almost everyone. It is considered reasonable if in very small amounts. But it can result in baldness if it is severe. The cause of hair loss itself is mixed
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