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Dislokasi Shoulder - Symptoms, causes and treatment

Understanding Dislokasi Shoulder

Dislokasi shoulder is a condition in which the bones of the arms of the top out of the bowl guard. In some cases, network around it can participate interested with hardware or torn.
The joints of a bullet on the shoulders are in the protection of bowls (socket) a small. This makes the shoulder we can be moved freely in all directions, but at the same time also make its position becomes unstable and easy to experience dislokasi.
Dislokasi Shoulder - Symptoms, causes and treatment

Shoulder Dislokasi generally in the anterior reasoning (front), where most of the case occurred on the elderly that has been dropped by the position of the arms away from the body (abduksi). On the condition the head of humerus (bones long arms) interested to the future so that out of the joint glenohumeral (joints between the shoulders and upper arms). This shoulder Dislokasi can also comes with a fracture in the bone humerus simultaneously.
In addition on elderly dislokasi shoulder many experienced men aged 20 that tend to be active in performing physical activities. This condition is also often occurs on the (for example in the case of joint hipermobilitas). .
To uphold the diagnosis dislokasi shoulders, the doctor usually will begin with a physical examination and perform the X-rays or Ray. This is done to see dislokasi happens, the possibility of broken bones or joint damage other shoulders.
In addition, examination also aims to determine the treatment that will be done. Shoulder Dislokasi requires at least 3 to 4 months to completely recover after treatment.

Symptoms of Shoulder Dislokasi

The signs and symptoms of dislokasi shoulder most can be seen clearly. The symptoms include: 
  • The shoulders of experiencing changes shape. The shoulders tend to look more closely resembles the box, not round as they should.
  • A lump or the projections on the bones of the arms of the top or on the bottom of the skin in front of the shoulder.
  • Pain that is very strong.
  • The joints cannot be moved.
  • The swelling or was bruised.
  • Shoulder muscles are strained (spasme). This can be more add pain.
In addition, dislokasi shoulder can also cause the area around the point of injury (for example the arm and neck) become weak, tingling, or kesemutan. 

The Cause Of Shoulder Dislokasi

Dislokasi on the shoulders can be caused by: 
  • When injury sports (generally occurs on the sport filled with physical contact such as football and hockey).
  • Personal injury as a result of a traffic accident that make the shoulders get clash of hardware.
  • Fall (e.g. fell from the stairs).

Treatment of Shoulder Dislokasi

Treatment for shoulder dislokasi can be done with how to : 
  • Closed reduction (improvement of the position of the shoulder). The doctor will help restore the shoulder bone to the position that should be with the movement slowly. This is done by considering the level of pain and swelling experienced patients. If felt very pain, then need to be given sedatives or drug abuse before the improvement done position. Closed reduction can be done with several methods include the following: 
    • Hipokratik method. Here the doctor will withdraw (traction) arms with corner of 45 degree, then shoulder will be played slowly to return to its original place.
    • The external rotation method. Here the arm affixed to the body and bent until 90 degrees. The arm then played toward the outside slowly.
    • Stimson technique. The patient was laid on the position of the telungkup, then the arm of the patient placed depends on the side of the bed and a weight 2-10 kg paired on an elbow or wrist. The gravitational force causes the reduction.
    • Rapid reduction. This method is done in the case of dislokasi shoulder anterior reasoning without accompanied fracture. This method can ease the pain quickly and does not require a strong traction. The initial movement is done with little put away the arms of the body (abduksi) and simultaneously play the arms toward the. The shoulders and then placed the cradle (sling) to minimize movement.
  • Operation. This action may be done if the patient has joints shoulder or ligamen the weak . Here the doctor will make a small incision and insert arthroscope (small hose that is equipped with a camera and the light).
  • Drugs, the doctor will give drugs pereda sick or pelemas muscles so that sufferers feel comfortable when the shoulder is still in the process of healing.
  • The cradle.the doctor will use special buffer so that the shoulders do not move. Ever wearing the cradle depending from the condition of the post-dislokasi shoulders, usually around usually around two to three weeks. But the restoration of the shoulder in total can take twelve to sixteen weeks.
  • Rehabilitation. After the cradle shoulder released, rehabilitation program started to restore the range of the movement, strength and the stability of the joints of the shoulder. If dislokasi soft shoulders without tissue damage or nerves, the restoration of the joints of the shoulder can be reached within a few weeks.
In addition to the treatment of doctors, several ways we can do independently to ease the pain and accelerate healing, including: 
  • Simple antipyretic shoulders with ice and simple antipyretic warm. Simple antipyretic shoulders with he hath taken a bag of ice to ease the swelling and pain. Do simple antipyretic ice during this 15 to 20 minutes every two hours once. After two or three days, simple antipyretic shoulders with warm water that can be softens the muscles that are sick or strained. Restrict simple antipyretic warm is most long around 20 minutes.
  • Consume drugs pereda sick. Drugs such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, aspirin, and, naproxen can help ease the pain. Follow the guidance materials the use of drugs and stop the use of methylprednisolone after pain decreases.
  • Istirahatkan shoulders. Do not repeat the actions that cause dislokasi shoulder and avoid movements that make pain.
  • Pertahahan range of movement of the shoulder. When the restoration, perform the appropriate movement exercise slowly urging the doctor or physical therapist to maintain the range of shoulder movement and softens the joints that rigid after some time not active. So shoulder recovered, keep practicing for maintaining the strength and stability of the shoulders and prevent dislokasi repeatedly back.

Shoulder Dislokasi Prevention

To avoid dislokasi shoulders, follow some of the following ways: 
  • Exercise regularly to mempetahankan strength and flexibility of joints and muscles of the shoulder.
  • Wear protective tool when doing sports that involve physical contact.
  • Be careful in moving in order not to fall.

Shoulder Dislokasi Kompllikasi

If not treated with good, dislokasi shoulder can cause a more serious complications among others: 
  • Muscles, ligamen, and tendons that strengthen the joints of the shoulder be torn.
  • Damage to the nerves or blood vessels in the shoulders and around the joints of the shoulder.
  • Shoulder becomes unstable, especially after experiencing severe dislokasi or dislokasi who repeatedly. This makes the shoulders of vulnerable injury back.

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