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Dispareunia - Symptoms, causes and treatment

Understanding Dispareunia
Dispareunia or painful intercourse is pain that appears continuously or during the time in the testicles and occurs shortly before, during or after having sexual intercourse. The Vagina, which unite over, and labia are areas that are generally pain when patients dispareunia do sexual relations.
Dispareunia - Symptoms, causes and treatment

The disorder generally experienced more often in women than men this can be triggered by medical or psychological factors. The treatment of dispareunia done based on the underlying cause of this disorder. See a doctor if you feel the pain when having sexual intercourse to get proper handling. 

The Cause Of Dispareunia

The cause of dispareunia felt at the beginning of sexual intercourse can be caused by different things with felt while having sexual intercourse and can be associated also with emotional factors. The following are penjabarannya: 
  • The pain in the beginning of sexual relations or penetration can be associated with several factors:
There is inflammation or disturbance on the skin
The condition of the vaginitis athropic (ozone layer of the vagina as a result of post-menopause) or there are eczema in the testicles. Skin disorders called lichen planus and lichen sclerosus that change the environment around the vagina also allegedly can cause dyspareunia.
The existence of infection on certain organs
Painful sex can also indicate the existence of infection in areas of the testicles or the urinary tract.
The lack of lubrication of or Lubricants
Warming up before having sexual intercourse can reduce the condition of the vagina dry and useful to create a sexual relationship feels more enthusiastic and reduce pain. Some drugs used to treat the disease can reduce lubricant, like a drug high blood pressure, antidepressant medication, penenang, antihistamine, and some types of pill KB. In addition to the painful sex, decreased lubricants can impact due to the decrease of estrogen post menopause, bare, or during lactation.
The existence of injury or effect of surgery
Personal injury, trauma, or irritation due to an accident, circumcision in the female pelvis surgery, or injury due to the enlargement of the channel was born when the birth process (episiotomi).
Disturbance in the form of a contraction experienced by the muscles of the wall of the vagina can cause a painful penetration.
The anomalies since born
The existence of congenital anomalies in the form of the vagina that is not formed as a whole since born, called with vaginal agenesis, or the growth of the membrane that is preventing the opening of the vagina (imperforate hymen).
  • Pain in the body when there is penetration is more in. This condition is usually associated with the position when having sexual intercourse may be caused by:
The impact of surgery or certain medical procedures
As radiation therapy, chemotherapy, pelvis surgery, and procedures of the adoption of the uterus or hysterectomy which can cause pain when related.
The disease or certain medical conditions 
For example disease inflammation of the hip, cysts uterus, hemorrhage, endometriosis, intestinal irritation syndrome, fibroid uterus, and the revelation of uterus/uterus down.
  • Emotional factors also gives the impact in having sexual intercourse and can be associated with the various pain that appears when we do so. Some emotional factors that can be associated, among others:
The level of stress that currently experienced
Stress can cause the strained muscles of the hip so that trigger pain when having sexual intercourse.
Psychological disorders,
Such as depression, worried about physical appearance, anxious seniors, fear in close relations or intimacy can decrease the zeal and lead to the emergence of discomfort or sick.
Never experienced sexual harassment 
Although not trigger factor that is found in most patients with women dispareunia, but sexual harassment can become a risk factor for some women who had never experienced it.
Dispareunia also can be triggered by the trauma of the pain of repeated when will perform sexual relations so that trigger the contraction of the muscles of the pelvis that causes pain. It is therefore difficult to ensure psychological factors cause this condition.
Dispareunia can also occur in a person who has never been or does not have the experience of having sexual intercourse, especially if the couple also did not have the experience. Other risk factors occur on a person who will be or already entering the time of menopause.
In men, dispareunia generally felt in the glands located around the penis and testis some time after the ejaculate. The cause of dispareunia in men, among others: 
  • The infection in the prostate gland, bladder, and vesikula seminalis glands.
  • Patients with venereal disease gonorrhea.
  • Spot the anatomy of the penis, for example on Peyronie disease.
  • Scars on the network which penis due to infection or inflammation, or when interested so that become too tight when having sexual intercourse or masturbasi.
Dispareunia patients need to spend time specifically to identify the cause of the symptoms that are experienced. If the cause is a health condition or other disorders in the body, then can begin to avoid activities that cause pain or consult a physician. 

The symptoms Dispareunia

Dispareunia symptoms are varied and different between one patients with other patients. In women dispareunia symptoms can be felt in the outer surface of the genitals area, vagina, or in an area that is more in the pelvis. The following are signs of dispareunia that might be felt by the patients. 
  • The pain resembles the taste of hot or pain.
  • Pain that appears only when sexual penetration started.
  • Pain that appears each penetration occurs, even when inserting tampons into the vagina.
  • The pain in that appears when the movement to encourage when having sexual intercourse.
  • Pain that appears after having sexual relations that do not cause pain.
  • Pain like beats that lasts for many hours after having sexual intercourse.

Diagnosis Dispareunia

Medical evaluation from a doctor to get the diagnosis dispareunia is by interviewing patients (anamnesa) about symptoms, the history of health and other related evaluation. The doctor will ask whether the pain felt in all types of sex position or not, the location of the pain and the history of sexual relationship operating procedures and experience of labor that never passed.
Check on the pelvis area will be done to detect if there is failure, such as infection or inflammation, skin irritation or disturbance on the anatomy of the body and the location of the pain. Mild pressure in areas of the testicles and pelvis muscles can detect pain is generally experienced dispareunia sufferers.
Check on the area of the vagina may also be done using a tool called spekulum to open the walls of the vagina. Patients usually dispareunia will feel pain although this procedure done slowly so fair to ask the doctor to stop the procedure if they thought it was very painful. In addition, spekulum pelvis examination can be done using ultrasound guidance. 

The treatment of Dispareunia

Dispareunia treated in accordance with the cause of the underlying disorder. If the trigger pain when having sexual intercourse is the lack of lubricants caused by low estrogen hormone, then drugs that will be given is that function increase the estrogen hormone. A drug gentamicin estrogen for the area of the vagina or drinking drugs may be recommended to patients with women dispareunia.
Other medications that may be given to patients with appropriate dispareunia with catalyst, for example is: 
  • Anti-drug fungi, if the cause of dispareunia is fungal infection in the area of the vagina.
  • Antibiotics, if causes dispareunia is urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Steroid cream, if causes dispareunia is a disease lichen planus or lichen sclerosus.
In addition drugs, operating procedures can be consideration treatment options dispareunia on patients who gets endometriosis also. Operating Procedure done to lift the masses in the pelvis or the infected fibrosis tissue, or to improve the condition of the uterus upside down that trigger dispareunia.
Some types of the following therapy is also available for patients with dispareunia, namely: 
  • Sex counseling or therapy to discuss the specific emotional experience that can trigger pain when patients having sexual intercourse, especially if this condition long. Improve the quality of communication and restore sexual intimasi between dispareunia patients and their husbands also become another purpose of sex counselling.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy can help change negative thoughts and behavioral patterns.
  • Desensitisasi therapy can include various techniques that later will be adjusted with the patients condition. Basically, therapy is done to reduce pain with how to learn techniques friendly vagina and pelvis bone special exercises or kegel.
Some also therapy can be done in the house with the couple, namely with change some sexual routines to reduce pain when having sexual intercourse, such as: 
  • Mutual open themselves to discuss the feelings of each of the superior having sexual intercourse, such as the position of what is suitable with your condition or whether you want the couple to slow the rhythm of sexual debut.
  • Do not rush when having sexual intercourse can stimulate the production of natural oils and the passion that row reduce pain when there is penetration.
  • Select the brand lubricants really suitable and you prefer to having sexual intercourse become comfortable and not painful.
As the other alternative, patients dispareunia recommended to try to exchange the position, for example with the woman is at the top to prevent the penis touch or put pressure on the muscles of the hip and avoid sick or bloated. The position of the sexual debut with women in the male also gives freedom for women dispareunia sufferers to control the penetration and comfortable for himself. 

Prevention of Dispareunia

Several ways can be done to prevent the emergence of pain when sexual debut, for example with a kiss each other, gymnasium margrete, and masturbasi to one another. These activities can be made of sex became more comfortable and enjoyable. Some other prevention, namely: 
  • To prevent the vagina dry, use lubricants, or the appropriate treatment actions if Washington vagina caused by atrophic vaginitis condition.
  • To prevent urinary tract infections, familiarise wipe genitals area from front to back after urination, and berkemihlah each after having sexual intercourse.
  • To prevent sexually transmitted diseases, avoid free sex with toggled sexual partners. For men, always use condoms each having sexual intercourse.
  • To reduce the risk of fungal infections, wear garments cotton and not too tight. Keep cleanliness with often change clothes when sweating or swimming. Prefer also hygiene kits to bathe regularly.
  • If you gets endometriosis, avoid penetration in or with sex two weeks before menstruation (them are ovulation period) to reduce pain.

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