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Dry Socket - Symptoms, causes and treatment

The sense of Dry Socket
Dry socket or alveolar osteitis is inflammation conditions experienced by the jaw bones on three or four days after tooth extraction permanent. The complications that occur after tooth extraction attack 2-3 percent patients, and 20 percent of them had to revoke the youngest molar teeth (wisdom teeth) .
Dry Socket - Symptoms, causes and treatment

In general, the blood in the area of tooth extraction will freeze so close and protect nerves and bones at the end. The frozen blood also helps the growth of new bone and the surrounding soft tissues. At the time of thrombosis is distracted by or removed before the wound recovers, then will leave empty cavity at the revocation place. This is called the dry socket.  The bones and nerves that unprotected can cause pain in the teeth until the nerves related to face.
There are various conditions that is suspected to cause dry socket, include: 
  • Bacteria in the mouth before the revocation procedure done.
  • (Periodontitis gum infections).
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • The lack of blood supply.
  • Never experienced dry socket before.
  • The cleanliness of the mouth of the poor.
  • Consume the pill contraception.
  • Taking the youngest molar teeth.
  • The revocation of post Trauma or operation of teeth.
  • The remaining roots or the bones left behind in the area of tooth extraction.
Smoking is also one of the causes of dry socket. Nicotine content in cigarettes is suspected to reduce the blood flow in the area of the mouth so that the process of the formation of thrombosis will be straitened. In addition, the movement of the vacuum at the time of smoking can also cause a shift in a blood clot, so that a blood clot will remove before time.
The risk of these complications increases when a person does not maintain the health of the teeth with the right, have infection around the thorax, until the use of drugs kortikostreoid type when the restoration.
Women are often more susceptible to expose the complications of dry socket because of the hormonal changes experienced, but does not close the possibility of men experience the same conditions. 
The symptoms of Dry Socket
Pain after tooth extraction is reasonable. But a person may be experiencing a dry socket if symptoms such as: 
  • Great pain a few days after tooth extraction.
  • Bekuan (vapor) blood which disappeared, so that the jaw bone will appear empty cavity.
  • Pain that goes up to the ear, eyes the neck or head on the same side as the revocation location.
  • No unpleasant smell or taste in the mouth.
  • Swollen lymph nodes around the jaw or the neck.
  • Low grade fever.
See a doctor if you have one of the symptoms of dry socket or it is not unusual that can be dealt with as early as possible. 
The diagnosis of Dry Socket
To establish the diagnosis of dry socket, the doctor usually requires a number of stages to determine the main causes of these complications. The doctor may ask for some things such as: 
  • The beginning of the symptoms appear.
  • The symptoms that trigger experienced.
  • The pain.
  • The treatment has been done.
  • Drugs that have been consumed.
  • The symptoms in the areas outside of the teeth and mouth (e.g. fever).
To support the answers given, the doctor will perform a physical test, especially at the mouth to see the condition of the thorax, there are least blood clotting, until the bones that appear on the revocation area. The results of this examination is usually will be more clearly with the help of X-Ray. 
The treatment of Dry socket
Treatment for dry socket especially aims to ease the pain prevent complications more information. Some steps that generally doctors did include: 
  • Clean the thorax from the remaining food left and wrapped with a special ointment from copra analgesic to ease the pain and protect the bones also nerves that open. Gentamicin is usually must be replaced in the period of time determined the doctor. Gentamicin additional content and Contains eugenol may be given as pereda pain, and smeared above for seductive gentamicin early.
  • The doctor may will provide a series of drugs to ease the symptoms of dry socket experienced, such as the effect of Steroid drugs (NSAID), hydrocodoneacetaminophen, until antibiotics to overcome the infection.
In addition, the doctor may be advised to perform advanced cavity cleaning at home using the endless plastic syringe curled to inject water, salt water, or cleaning drugs from the doctor. This is usually done until no crumbs left on the wounded cavity.
To maximize the treatment, there are a series of ways that can be done such as not smoking or consuming tobacco, drink enough water, mouthwash with warm salt water regularly but not too much and brushing teeth with soft, especially on the wounded cavity. Make sure to regularly consult with the doctor so that can be monitored with good. Usually, symptoms or condition of dry socket can recover in time 7-10 days of treatment, with network grows new software. See a doctor if the condition does not improve. 
Prevention of Dry Socket 
The condition of dry socket can be prevented before and after tooth extraction. Before tooth extraction, usually the doctor will be advised to stop smoking and maintain the cleanliness of the mouth by rinsing out use of mouthwash antibacterial. Sometimes, the doctor will also ask about drugs being consumed so that can be adjusted.
After taking, there are some steps in the prevention of dry socket is recommended, such as: 
  • Avoid the activity or sport weight during the week in order to avoid striping the coagulation of blood from the thorax.
  • Consume water more than usual. Avoid drinks containing alcohol, caffeine, including carbonated, or hot drink for 24 hours after the operation was carried out.
  • Avoid solid food, hot, spicy and difficult to chew for some time. It is recommended to consume yogurt and other soft food, especially in the first day.
  • Clean the mouth with warm salt water solution every 2 hours and after eating during the week. Tooth Brush allowed, but avoid revocation section to the archers.
  • Avoid smoking or tobacco mengonsumi during 48 hours until a week into the future to avoid complications.
To avoid swelling and reduce pain, the doctor may be advised to mengompres cold water in the face especially in the areas of pain during 48 first hour, and continued with the simple antipyretic hot water afterwards. In addition, the doctor will probably give some medications like antibiotics, gentamicin antiseptics ,and medical wrapped after the operation in accordance with the needs of patients.
The laboratory said that the best time for women to do the operation of tooth extraction is during menstruation. These recommendations given to reduce the risk of dry socket caused by the change in hormones. Talk with your doctor to know the time is right for you.

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